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Fit Mums with Mums Fitness!


I help mums feel strong, become active and feel free

Expert Design

I create a custom-made training programme designed to your needs, time and place.


I work with you to create a tailor-made nutrition that will fuel your body with everything it needs for healthier, better lifestyle.


I help you improve your quality of life, increase energy, feel stronger, more stable and more capable.

What We Do

Are you feeling fatigued and lack energy?

Well, I am here to empower you and to make you feel fit and fabulous. I believe that every woman is unique and as a result requires a personalised exercise programme and customised nutritional advice. At Mums Fitness I provide specialised and customised programmes specifically designed to be viewed online. I help and motivate mums to achieve weight and fat loss through flexible online training sessions and personalised diet plans so that they can live and enjoy their lives the way they want.
You have support over the phone, text and app. Programme is scheduled into your routine, time and place automatically – no skipping sessions!

Why Choose Mums Fitness

Everyone’s lives are so busy and routines so hectic that it is essential to keep maintain your fitness in order to perform everyday tasks properly. This is especially true for mums with kids. I recognise and understand the routines of my clients, and I am always available to provide my specialised and customised online training programme and expert nutritional advice at the times convenient to my clients.

I also realise the significance of modern technology, so I use cutting-edge fitness software (the ‘Trainerize’ app) that provides all the functionality needed to track and monitor the progress you have achieved. It not only keeps track of your body weight, but it also monitors your body water volume, muscle mass percentage, body fat percentage, etc.

The sophisticated fitness services I offer are what make Mums Fitness stand out and I take pride in the confidence and trust that many mums around the world have placed in me.

No equipment? No gym? No experience? No idea how and when to start? I guide you step by step, whenever you are at home, outdoors, with or without experience and equipment.

Client Testimonials

Don’t take my word for it – here’s what my clients say:

Pawel is a excellent trainer. I feel very comfortable around him. He pushes hard and motivates you. He laughs with you but also tells you he is very serious when it comes to the gym. He has taught me a lot and that I am grateful for. He also knows a lot about nutrition and has helped me to eat more healthier foods. I think he is the best.

Rita Smith

Since working with Pawel I have come to really enjoy exercise, something I didn’t think was possible. I have gained in strength and fitness and my weight has stabilised. Pawel has worked really hard to find the right exercises for my particular body shape and needs; I know that his care and concern for me has been the reason why I have succeeded in my goals. We have also laughed a lot along the way!

Alexandra Hughes

He’s the best trainer I could’ve imagined! He’s so friendly and supportive, always able to answer any questions, he never pushes you for time or to move onto his next client and makes you feel truly motivated. I was so scared to start personal training but choosing Pawel as my trainer made the whole thing enjoyable whilst I achieved amazing results!

Annie Watson

“Pawel is a fantastic personal trainer, he has supported me through my training for the Brighton Marathon and developing my overall fitness and strength. Pawel has structured my fitness programme where I can see a noticeable improvement week on week, progressing effectively but ensuring each session is motivating, fun and enjoyable.”

Sophie Jones

Mums Fitness Is A Commitment To Excellence

More than 80 percent of people fail to keep up with their health milestones and achieve the desired health goals because they do not get the right training and motivation. Body fitness is my passion, and I love what I do. My aim is to educate mums regarding their body, especially in the postnatal period. I understand that being a mum is the hardest job in the world and it is my passion to provide mums with the opportunity to re-establish the connection with their bodies and regain their healthy, fit and active lifestyles.
Get back your time!

Benefits of Online Personal Training

No need to travel to the gym.
Train anywhere, anytime.

Free client app provides workout stats and improves tracking and communication. 

Adjust training to your own pace.

Eliminate any scheduling issues.

Stronger accountability and support.

More cost effective.


I bring an energy to my clients in our sessions and I encourage you to bring your energy too!


Enthusiam is what I am looking for. Bring it to every session and you’ll leave with great results!


I make sure you stay healthy, fit and active but have fun along the way. If you are enjoying your exercise, It is easier to do!